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15th June 2019,

Ilkeston, Derbyshire

Every ticket sold supports local wildlife

That’s amazing!


WILDSIDE FESTIVAL is a day of live music, art, wild activities and good food and drink; all in support of local wildlife.

Staged at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's Woodside Farm, Shipley, this festival is about being entertained and getting closer to your wild side. 

after all, all our lives are better when they're a bit wild!

Wildside Festival 2018 (18).jpg

Hey, remember the wild times we had in 2018!

check out the video and let’s do it all again in 2019!

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Hey, we know nothing can compete with the sound of a dawn chorus but a festival ain't a festival without some live music. You can bet that our line-up will be diverse and innovative. Does this thing go up to eleven? 

more on that soon!

Woodlside Fesival-3.jpg

Activities, Workshops & Talks

We want to see your wild side and we've got some top storytellers, inspirational talks and immersive activities planned to help you do just that! 

more on that soon!

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Family is everything and there's nothing better than kids, and big kids, tapping into their wild side. We reckon we've got the perfect site and activities for you and your tribe to do just that!

more on that soon!

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We're carefully selecting the food offerings for WILDSIDE FESTIVAL but whether you'll eat anything, are a vegan, veggie or have an intolerance, we'll have you covered with some quality offerings.

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After your favorite tipple? Or perhaps your a designated driver. Whatever the case, we've got local beverages on hand...or is that on tap?

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