We know that family is everything and we also know that there's nothing better than kids, and big kids, tapping into their wildside.

We reckon we've got the perfect site and activities for you and your tribe to do just that!


Wild Child Meadow

New for 2019!

Wild Child Meadow will be a dedicated area for self-led wild times. Think natural music, cloud spotting, grass trumpeting, mud kitchens, mazes and more. Whenever you feel the times right to tap into your wildside, just dip into the meadow.

Join us in the evening for our campfire gathering, too!

Wildside Festival 2018 (119).jpg

Secret Garden

Do you like campfires, toasted marshmallows, bug hunts, den building, pond dipping and just quality time in nature? Of course you do!

Our Secret Garden sessions are full of discovery; our team will help connect your little ones with nature and develop their wildside.

You’ll need to book on to these 45 minute sessions in advance of the day.

After 7pm the Secret Garden will be open for all to explore; look out for our giant spider!

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Back by popular demand! This time with two performances!

Ever wanted to sit in your very own bird nests? Well the HandMade Theatre will make that dream come true! They will enrol you in hatchling college where you'll learn all about native birds and how to be a good birder.  Filled with a fantastic mix of music, drama, facts and fun, this gently humorous show brings to life native bird characters in a new and engaging way. The piece is a visual feast of puppets, props and costumes including lots of things with which to get hands on and interactive. Nature always throws up surprises and the show finale won't leave you disappointed!


Kate’s Storytree

Once upon a time there lived a girl. The girl loved rainbows and elephants and yellow shoes. She loved the sea, the sky, stones and stories. She could juggle and do cartwheels and make paper stars but, best of all, she climbed trees. One day, the girl was feeling tired for she had seen many things and been to many places. So, she climbed to the top of the tallest tree she could find and on her back she carried a bag of books, crayons, toys and a rainbow. Once at the top of the tree, she reached into her bag and as she did everything in the bag fell to the ground and scattered at the bottom of the tree. Three children were passing by and saw the things fall. The girl watched them. She watched them as they played and drew and read stories. She listened carefully as they played, she listened to their stories and collected them in her jar of stars. Slowly, she began to climb down the tree. ‘Who are you?’ they asked when they saw the girl with the yellow shoes and the rainbow and the bag of stories. ‘My name is Kate’ she replied ‘and this is my Storytree.’ And from that day on, the girl carried her books and crayons and toys and wherever she found a tree, she climbed up and hung the rainbow and shared stories with everyone who came to listen.


Matt’s Macro

Matt is a National Geographic published photographer and educator. You may even have seen him on BBC Autumnwatch. Matt has a passion for the insects and often unloved of the natural world. Pay him a visit and be wowed by amazing facts and the chance to get up close and personal with some local insects. Who knows, you might go away with a new found love for all things with eight legs!

You can also catch Matt on the The Holt stage discussing the importance of invertebrates in our eco-systems, insect conservation and how we can all do our bit to help the bugs and the bees.

Matt's Macro - Common zebra jumping spider (Salticus scenicus)

There’s plenty more ways to let out your wildside.

Check out our activities, workshops & talks to learn more. They’re all family friendly!