Congratulations! You’ve just booked your tickets to Derbyshire’s premiere summer festival, and secured your place in our wildlife heroes’ hall of fame. Every single penny from the sale of Wildside Festival tickets goes directly towards saving a myriad of landscapes and the creepy crawlies, birds, mammals and more that inhabit them, as well as raising awareness of the challenges facing our most beloved species – and those you’ve perhaps never considered important before.

If you came last year you know how much can be found in the trees, ponds, meadows and wide, open spaces that surround us. You’ve no doubted scouted our website for details of the acts, activities and food vendors and have a plan of action in mind. If you’re new to Wildside we have a few things you might like to know...

So, what is Wildside?

You’ve read our website, poured over the programme and made a mental note of our gin supplier, but do you know what to expect from our festival? If you’d like to get a real feel for Wildside you can read a review here. Put simply, Wildside Festival is our chance to give back to nature; an opportunity to sing, tell wild stories, interact with wildlife and dance until the sun disappears behind the trees. The festival encourages us all to spend a day with our families, utterly consumed by our shared passion for nature. Boasting wild yoga, storytelling, theatre workshops, pond dipping and bug hunting, arts and crafts, music, food and more, Wildside Festival is our song for the environment – an inclusive celebration of all we stand to lose if we don’t act now.

What should we expect?

Hopefully our website will give you a good idea of what’s going on throughout the day, including our line-up and details about pampering, food and drink, and wild activities. We’re so proud of how our festival has come together yet again. However, none of the maps, programmes or pages filled with information can hope to capture the atmosphere you’ll enjoy once you arrive at Wildside.

Put simply, we’re proud to welcome you all to Wildside. This is an opportunity for families, stallholders, staff members and volunteers to come together to celebrate nature, enjoy its fruits, and stand up for its rights – we are one as far as nature is concerned. Wildside Festival is a collective effort and a reward in itself; a celebration of the habitats beyond your front door and the neighbours you won’t always see. Expect vibrant colours, mad dancing, glorious music and plenty of very special family time, as well as an electric atmosphere. We can also promise moments of reflection, and plenty of opportunities to hear about the wildlife we’re teaming together to save. This is the festival for nature lovers everywhere.

Familiarise yourself with the website

Our website is here to help you, with an up-to-date programme, activity guide and map – amongst other things. Everything you could hope to learn about Wildside Festival is on our website, and we hope it will help you to plan the very best day possible. If you’re stuck at all please do reach out, as there will always be someone happy to advise you.


We’ve released details of many of our activities, musical acts, food and drink vendors, and workshops to date, so please take a look and prioritise the activities and entertainers you’d most like to see. There will be a lot going on during the day, and we want to ensure families are able to make the most of everything. Wildside is a bit of a sensory overload, in the best possible way! Families can pre-book pond dipping, bug hunting, marshmallow toasting and den building ahead of the event, and we strongly advise doing so. These 45-minute sessions WILL fill up fast, and we can’t guarantee any spaces on the day. We’ll notify all ticketholders as soon as bookings are open, although you can check back here anytime.

Dress for the occasion

If last year taught us anything at all, it’s that Wildside is a celebration of the elements as much as it is wildlife. We sang in the sunshine, danced in the downpours and snuggled up tight as the day drew to a close. The weather certainly didn’t put a damper on anybody’s fun, but it really does pay to be prepared for every eventuality – particularly if you’re experiencing the festival with small children. Our festival is outdoors with minimal cover for everybody, so bring layers to keep you warm should the sun disappear momentarily. You will also need to remember sun protection. We’ll be posting our Wildside Festival Packing List very soon, so please do keep an eye on the site.

Don’t forget parking

The chances are you purchased your carparking pass when you bought your tickets. Bravo! If you’ve yet to pay for parking please ensure you’ve bought an official parking permit prior to travelling. These help our attendants to park you quickly and conveniently, and get everybody into the festival faster. The festival venue is a short walk from our carpark, so be ready for a nature trek along the way. Sensible shoes are a must!

How to find us...

Wildside Festival is located on Woodside Farm Nature Reserve, in the Erewash Valley. Access to the site is via Pit Lane, Shipley, DE75 7JL. Directions can be found here, whether you’re driving or making your way to us via public transport. There will be a warm welcome for you when you get here!

Is there anything else we need to know?

If you require any further information regarding accessibility please click here. Wildside Festival was designed for everybody, and we want to make sure that all of our revelers are happy, safe and comfortable throughout the day. With this in mind our safety and security policy is here; you can be as wild as you like, within reason of course!

The festival runs from 12pm until 10pm, so you may wish to bring pyjamas for little ones if you’re leaving later.

We are so looking forward to welcoming you to our Wildside this year, and greeting those who are joining us for a second time. Our wildlife needs us now, more than ever. Let’s release a roar above the trees and beyond to let it know we care.